ColorTransform in flash

Here is some knowledge I want to share. It is about the ColorTransform class in flash. A class used in DisplayObject class for manipulating color.

Why do we need this class? It used for reducing some asset for the game or other application. For example if we want to make a game that have plenty of monsters and the monsters have same shape but different color, we could use only one asset and the other “different colored monsters” are generated by code. Other usage of this ColorTransform class is for give effect to the DisplayObject like color transition animation.

Now, let us go to the code.

The ColorTransform class has some properties, which are:

  1. Multiplier -> redMultiplier, greenMultiplier, blueMultiplier, alphaMultiplier
  2. Offset -> redOffset, greenOffset, blueOffset, alphaOffset
  3. color

Here is the equation (used red for the example) done to each pixel color (red, green, blue).

new_red_color = (old_red_color * redMultiplier) + redOffset;

The result capped from zero to 255;

The color property defines the offset of the transformation. If color is being set to some color (in hex), the multiplier will be set to zero and the offset will be set to the given value.


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10 Reason why I like to be in Agate

1. I work overtime and I don’t feel the ~usually said~ pressure.. maybe I should call it PLEASURE instead
2. I feel the freedom to express myself, even the rules don’t make me feeling suppressed.. I honestly feel that my idea and creativity can easily comes in and out without any restriction!
3. Everybody here work with Passion.. and so do I.. I met talented persons with their own unique specialty. This environment makes me improved 10 times larger and faster than before.
4. Smile and Laughter… everyday here is filled out with those positive aura. Jokes, from crispy jokes to the sensual ones… hohohohohoho
5. Creating and playing game has never been as fun as in here
6. Time is running so fast here, that means I enjoy every single second here. It makes me want to say “What!? A day has passed!?” everytime I finished working.
7. Looking to the past, there are so many incidental factors that make me here now
8. 24/7 unlimited internet connection – facility that i enjoyed so much (regarding how I was hardly connected to internet before XD)
9. I wear shorts at work, eating malkist abon while drawing, and even sleep over the keyboard XD
10. I know that I invest something here, not only money, but also time, relations, experiences, skills and many more #censored# XDDD

game artist creativity?


Agate’s here, well-fed and alive! :D


while I was browsing for other game artists’ blog for reference (ok, I admit, I was quite confused about what topic I should write about XD) I read an interesting post.. it’s from

Well, he stated that sometimes, he felt that on this course (being a game artist), he can’t be as creative as he want to be in his projects.

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Skipping Game Over: Should or Should Not

I’ve been thinking recently whether giving a game over screen, complete with “Game Over! Try again?” text, is good for players.

I haven’t done much research in this area, but Game Over probably originated back in the arcade days. Game Over screen will show up when players fail in the game, indicating that if they would like to continue, they will need to insert another coin. If a player does not have a coin, then perhaps it is time to go home and let other players play the game.

In other words, a Game Over indicates the end of the game, and probably, the end of your play. It reminds a player that his play ended, his game over. To some extent, it is a form of punishment to players.
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