Innovate or Die!

This catchy phrase is the title of yesterday’s seminar that I attend. The seminar’s speaker is Tanadi Santoso MBA, one of the popular business motivator guy in Indonesia, and of course he has the communicating skill that prove it. The seminar is brought by pasFM, business radio channel, Gramedia, and other sponsors that I forgot. 4 of Agate’s crew attend this seminar, 3 of them other than me are Agate’s board of directors. With the head of R&D, Operation, and Marketing division, you’d think that this seminar is very important / exclusive. The answer is no, anyone can attend it for mere Rp.250k (pretty cheap for a seminar with certificate).Anyway, here goes…..

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Kitchen in the Office

Game developer staffs, programmer, designer, artist, sound engineer, most of them are zombies, sleep deprived, nocturnal, coffee-holic, prune to stress, and contaminated with other problems.

So, what should we do to keep them healthy, creative, and stress-free?

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ASDF Hero, new game in October

Hello all…nice to meet u!

At this moment, We’d like to introduce our nearly released game named ASDF Hero, Defender of Justice.

In this action game, you act as a mysterious and stylish superhero. With his signature move, he wipes out super villains that make troubles in the city.

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