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Game Developer

Platform Game Programmer

B2B Sales & Marketing


In Agate, you’ll find a drive to make your dreams come true! Agate consists of people who are passionate and have soul to grow. We learn together, share each other with positive improving environment that would make you “different”.

A crazy story that will describe the value of working having fun in Agate is that in 2009, there are 25 people who had been paid at IDR 50K (about US$ 5) and survived until now, just because we have the same dream. View the video to find out why it’s so interesting!

Agate Crew Benefits:

  • 12 days of paid leave annually
  • Free lunch every work day at the office
  • Free to use office facilities for your talent development
  • Next-gen consoles, board games, and other gaming stuffs
  • Music room with musical instruments
  • Library
  • Kitchen, fridge and other “mouth pleasing” facilities
  • Innovative & fun activities that will improve your skill in game development, character building, teamwork, etc
  • Fun activities like basketball, futsal, game tournament, etc

Other benefits:

  • In Agate you will work with some of the most passionate people on game industry
  • Comfortable environment for creative industry in Bandung, Indonesia
  • Actually it’s not the word “work” like any other company. In Agate , you work like you play!


If you feel very passionate about creating games, but you dont find interesting position on this page, feel free to contact us at so we can talk about it.

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